Ink can be a super cool medium for drawing and shading (we’re talking on paper here!), but it is a little bit more on the difficult side to use effectively.  It takes some practice to learn the proper pressure to apply, and how to avoid those awful gummy spots that ballpoint can leave behind.

Calligraphy is a popular art form all to itself, done using the type of tools photographed above.  I’m hoping to one day soon integrate ink art into my repertoire, because I believe that it brings a special kind of effect that can’t be achieved through any other medium.

What do you think of ink art?

2 thoughts on “Ink”

  1. Ink is great, nothing wrong with graphite or charcoal, but there is something challenging/magical/fun with putting down a line that you can’t erase.
    The whole process is different, instead of slowly building up layers until you achieve the desired values, you might be able to vary line thickness, but values are generally expresses through hatching, cross hatching, stippling, scribbling…
    Please don’t use a ballpoint, get a dip pen with a drawing nib (they are not expensive) and some India Ink, or pick up a .03 drawing pen (there are many good ones out there), while a ballpoint will put ink on a page, they don’t do a great job of it (as you noted). It’s like using a cheap pencil that is scratchy and who’s lead always breaks V.S. a really great quality one that is smooth and strong, one is frustrating and the other is a joy to use.
    Give it a try.

    1. Great points! I haven’t braved 100% ink drawings yet, but it’s definitely something on my list. Ink can offer a very unique look that can’t be achieved with pencil, as you pointed out, but it’s tricky!

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