Celebrity Portraits – Advantages and Disadvantages

Unfortunately, I don’t have a portrait to post here to accompany this, because I don’t generally do celebrity portraits!  That’s not to say that there aren’t advantages to doing celebrity portraits if you’re a half-decent artist, because there are tons of perks!


  1. People recognize celebrity faces.  If you accomplish a good portrait of a celebrity that everyone can recognize, your art will speak volumes of your talent!
  2. There are TONS of photos of celebrities all over the internet, so reference materials are easy to come by.
  3. A lot of people collect celebrity art!  This can be very advantageous for you, however….

The Cons

  1. Copyright issues!  It’s not illegal in Canada to draw a celebrity portrait and sell it; however, you must hold copyright to the original image!  If you’re commissioned, the person who commissions the artist must hold copyright, at the very least.  This means that if the artist or the client didn’t actually take the photo, the image cannot be sold by either.
  2. If you suck as an artist, a celebrity portrait will showcase the level of suckage.
  3. Let’s face it – celebrity portraits are crazily overdone.

Perhaps I will be inspired to do a celebrity portrait in the near future to accompany this post, but for now, I’ll just leave that one be.

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