What Should I Draw?

This is a question that comes up constantly in art communities on Google+ and Tumblr.  Sometimes it’s a cry for attention, but sometimes it’s a legitimate question.  Maybe the artist is a beginner and doesn’t know where to find inspiration, or perhaps the artist is bored of his/her niche and wants to try something new. 

Whatever the case, drawing inspiration can be found literally anywhere.  In an earlier post, I wrote about learning to see, and noticing the subtle details that make our visual world what it is.  This means practicing angles and curves, and to practice drawing only what can be seen – not what can’t be seen.

This approach doesn’t work for everyone, though, because a lot of people love instant gratification.  They want to draw a masterpiece right away – forget about practicing!  I myself tend to be guilty of this habit; I want to see a finished product that I can be proud of.  I don’t want to see random angles and circles! 

So.  How to find inspiration?

Here are some ideas:

1) Look out your window and draw what you see.  A tree, a building, a courtyard… Anything!

2) If you’re at work, draw something that’s on your desk, or draw your coat that’s hanging on the back of the door.


3) Look online for inspiration – but remember to respect copyright.  Google your favourite animal or character and try to draw it.


4) Draw a bottle or crumpled up piece of paper – these are classic practice items.

wp-1452103020976.jpeg wp-1452103015374.jpeg

5) Make some random scribbles on a piece of paper, look away for a few minutes, then go back and see what you can create from those scribbles.  This is another classic exercise, but a little more fun because it truly draws from your creative side.

These are all ways to find something to draw.  Find what piques your interest and get started!

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