10 Thoughts All Artists Experience

“The wall to creativity” seems to be something that most artists can relate to, even if we all know that the end result often makes all the effort worthwhile.

I used to be horrible for finishing anything, from writing a short story to fully rendering a drawing. Sometimes it just takes a little kick in the ass to get a person moving.

Can you relate to these thoughts?

10) There’s a lot of detail in the clothes this person is wearing. Maybe I’ll just make everything a solid colour….

9) Why the hell does this person have such a weird eye (when, in actual fact, it’s only weird because you’ve been staring at it for twenty minutes and still can’t get it quite right)?

8) I’ll fix that later… (don’t give in to this thought! Fix it now).

7) Hmm, I wonder if I can just call this piece of work abstract.

6) If I just smudge this a little more… crap!

5) I wonder if I can get famous by painting a bunch of circles…

4) Should I try to integrate a new medium into this drawing?

3) Wow, I wish I could draw something like that (no matter how talented you are already)!

2) I’ll work on it tomorrow (work on it today!).

1) It looks pretty darn good. Is it good? Yeah, it’s good. I hope my client thinks it’s good…

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