Drawing Hair – The Good and the Bad

I’ve posted a very basic hair tutorial already, but I’m thinking about posting a more detailed tutorial for different hair types and colors. After posting my latest work on various social media, I got a lot of comments and questions on the hair. More than one person could not be convinced that the hair only took me around a an hour and a half to finish.


It’s soft and touchable, and rather simple to do after some practice. I wish I had hair like that! 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to show this drawing off on the main page for a bit, so here it is! Check out more work under the Sample Art Workheading.

So, the downside to drawing hair? Patience. Drawing hair isn’t about taking a single pencil and simply colouring in some blank space. It’s about building layers, and thinking about light and texture. It can be a therapeutic drawing experience, or a frustrating one.

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