Challenge Yourself – A List of Art Challenges

1) No-Erase Challenge – Do a complete drawing, but never use an eraser. Whatever becomes of your moving pencil shall be what it is, first take.

2) Squiggle Challenge – This probably isn’t the official name, but really, who cares? Draw some squiggles on a page, then make something out of them. Shade, connect lines, add an eyeball here or there… Voila!

3) Body Studies – No, I don’t mean sex ed. Pick a body part (hands are always fun) and start drawing. Try cartoon hands, realistic hands, etc. Create a hand that you’d like to hold!

4) Try different mediums! Drybrush, graphite powder, new pencils, pastels…. Just try something new.

Excited for the Future!


I haven’t been neglecting the blog – I swear. I’ve been hard at work on a family portrait for someone, but I can’t post what I’ve got done just in case the recipient sees it! No one likes a ruined surprise.


Why am I excited about the future? Well, mostly because even though I’ve sworn off painting, my adorable husband got sneaky and found some videos about acrylics and started playing them through the Chromecast, as all the while he nonchalantly continued to play a game on the computer so that I wouldn’t get suspicious.
“What is this crap?” I groused.
A shrug in response.
Well, dammit, I was almost instantly captivated. Before long, I was hopping up on my feet, going, “Holy shit, Bill! Did you see that technique?”

I know I’m a nerd, thank you.

But now I am excited to give painting another go, and I’m feeling somewhat confident that I might have some bett
er success this time. My first effort wasn’t atrocious, but it wasn’t anything of which to be proud.

Stay tuned – we’ll soon find out if we can make a nightmare or a masterpiece.