Oh, You Lovebirds

All week I was craving to do some watercolor work. I have no idea why – painting isn’t my strong suit! Or is it?

I sat at my kitchen table with my margarine container full of water and my new watercolor palettes mocking me while I considered a project. I wanted something colorful, but less on the abstract side. What to do?

About 5 hours later, I’d produced about 2/3 of my painting.

One is still looking like a naked chicken, but the other is looking mostly good! Still a few more details to work out, but hey, even artists have to sleep sometime.

Is it cute? I believe so. And watercolour! It’s almost enough to sate the cravings. 

Faber-Castell Polychromos

For artists, just reading the title of this post alone causes a sudden intake of breath.  Polychromos!  The Midas pencils of the universe.  Well, for some, anyway.

For everyone else, a glance at Polychromos pencils would draw out the words, “Pencil crayons???”  Ahem.  No, not pencil crayons – COLOURED PENCILS (with the ‘u,’ because I’m Canadian).

What’s the difference?  Well, my dear friends, pencil crayons are crayons in pencil form!  They’re waxy, lack pigment, and little kids love them.

Coloured pencils, on the other hand, don’t necessarily contain wax (like Polychromos by Faber-Castell!).  In fact, Polychromos pencils are oil based, so they blend and mix beautifully, with no waxy build-up.  Incroyable!

I’ve been doing some experimenting, since I’m new to these goddess pencils, and I have found that Polychromos over watercolor are absolutely stunning.  They are rich and brilliant!  Oh, so happy.  I’ve also experimented with blending the pencils using both paint thinner and baby oil (baby oil is oh-so-much better).  The results are just beautiful.

If you haven’t seen my dream catcher piece yet, it’s a mixed media piece involving watercolor, ink, watercolor pencils, and Polychromos!  It came out bright and vivid, and I must say that I’m a big fan.


I get asked all the I time if I plan to start painting, and the truth is that I have dabbled in painting. Admittedly, I would never attempt to market any of said paintings at this juncture, because I’m just not super great at it. Like all new skills, painting will take some time to master, if mastering is even possible. For now, I will comfort myself with the whole, “I did my best,” slogan.